Monday, November 29, 2010

Buried Review!

So this took a long time to put up lol. Sorry about that but lets dive right into it!

Pretty much you haven't heard about this movie, its Ryan Runnels trapped in a Coffin. He has a cell phone, knife, lighter, some food. This coffin is big enough for him to be able to move around but not isn't going to be doing any crunches. There are many things that you question throughout the movie, and I don't mean big things either like how the box is supposed to symbolize American people or stuff like that. Just basic stuff little things that just mess with the way you view the area, the box seems to get bigger sometimes (things like that). Also there is such obvious subtext to America politics, terrorism, and left wing antics. There is a seen where his job employer calls him to tell him he's been let go since he had a intern affair and how they are not going to be able to help his family. Basically this movie is a big political message, with a little little twists. I do wanna pride the movie on just using the coffin. You would expect a movie like this to use Back flashes, it doesn't. It does its best to keep original. To sum up the movie it's pretty much like this, I can't draw very well but I have a great idea for a new type of painting. I`m not very good at drawing but people pride me on my determination to be original.

Sorry it took so long. After Finals and what not I should be doing a bunch of movies. The next movie I`m thinking about doing will be 127 Hours.

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